Hi, my name is Alla Polyvyannaya.
I’m a motion designer.     
My  career  began  at  Université du  Québec en Outaouais where I successfully finished a on the program ”Information and Digital Media certificate” in April  2019.  With a support of professor Karoline Truchon, I started filming and video editing. After the end of the program, I had a chance to immerse myself in the atmosphere of professional production in the Pixel agency, where for five weeks weeks of my internship I had a chance to see how miracles are performed. After this, months of theory and practice followed. I passed dozens of online courses and studied graphic design and video editing software, the basics of composition and motion design, and much more. And now I am doing motion design for customers professionally.
My main tools are Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator. I am specializing in creation of short videos (5 to 30 sec), vertical videos for Instagram, and longer videos for corporate promotions. I am especially interested in shape and character animation.
My main goal is not limited to creating engaging content. I am trying to make content efficient for the business promotion and to meet needs of  end users. My past experience in working with customers as a commercial representative in telecommunications helps me a lot in this.
On this page you can see the list of my works performed for the customers.
Feel free to ask me any questions using contact form.